Friday 9 May 2008, 7:55 PM
Filed under: art, watercolors

So after a the successful completion of my final project, I rewarded myself with a brand-spanking-new set of watercolors because A) most people have confused my work being a watercolor painting, B) Dustin Nguyen is an idol of mine and he uses watercolors beautifully, and C) I use inks the same way as watercolors, so I wanted to see how my pictures would look in this medium.

My conclusion: WATERCOLORS ARE FUN AND AMAZING. Go buy yourself a set.

On a random note, can anybody tell me what exactly the difference is between watercolor and inks? Anybody?

By the way, I was burned out on drawing men from the final project, so I drew just women today. :P


Left to Right:

Poison Ivy: She has the honor of being my very first watercolor. The rest of her body turned out hella wonky because I did this and the others in pen against all better judgement. Also, this pen likes water, making the ink smear. I kind of liked the effect it created though.

Wonder Woman: Here the pen became an issue because WW looks freaking blue… but she was a fun test subject. I like her hair; normally I draw her with wavy hair.

Selina Kyle: I always imagined her as a blonde with longish hair, rather than the more modern black-hair-boy-cut femme fatale she’s being portrayed as. Anyway, the black again smeared into her eyes. My bad.

X: I like to draw hair.


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