Friday 20 June 2008, 8:03 PM
Filed under: bread

I didn’t really bake anything, I just nuked water and glutinous rice flour together. GOOD TIMES. I followed the directions on Kitchen Wench’s site, but I still had to make a few modifications.

So you take a bag of glutinous rice flour, dump out however much you want, and then add water. You want to add enough water so that the mixture is smooth and thick. When you microwave it, the color of the dough will change from white to cream. Take out the dough and stir vigorously so that the dough is nice and elastic. It’s bound to be hot so be careful.

Other than that, this is pretty easy to make. Not easy to make pretty, but easy to make, yes. I suggest you just go to the above site for all your guidance.

I just posted this to prove to people that yes, I still like to create edible things.


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those things look good to eat.

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