The Curse of the Groove
Friday 24 October 2008, 11:51 AM
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My tools. I love Sharpies, but they are slowly killing me.

My tools. I love Sharpies, but they are slowly killing me.

I like to go to sleep at a reasonable time, usually sometime before midnight. Occasionally, I’ll stay up until three doing whatever, but that doesn’t happen very often. Today is my friend Sophia’s birthday and yesterday night she was telling me how she wanted to do a spray paint stencil, which made me think about how I haven’t done one in a really long time. Then later I was talking to the infamous and smelly TOE KNEE and he said that he would do a pastel drawing if I did a stencil. He’s good with pastels and hardly works with them. I laughed in his face and didn’t think anything of it.

The original drawing.

The original drawing.

Later I couldn’t fall asleep so I got up and decided that I would do one. After all, it’d been a good while since my last stencil and honestly, how hard could it be if I kept it simple? WRONG. I learned (the hard way) that when the groove hits to create/draw, you do not argue with it AT ALL.

What I wanted.

What I wanted.

So I drew a woman because that’s what I’m comfortable in drawing and drew hair because I like hair. I don’t know why, but I decided I wanted to do it on a large piece of Bristol paper (19″ x 24″) which is like adding another layer to hell because when I was filling in all the black space I inhaled more Sharpie fumes than I care to really think about. The whole process of drawing to inking to cutting out took a good hour and a half, so when I had the stencil all cut out, I was stoked – all I had to do was spray and I was done! Then I could SLEEP!!! WRONG AGAIN.

The stencil.

The stencil.

I had no glue. NO GLUE. What kind of artist am I? I considered going to sleep right then and there. It was past five in the morning, my glasses were falling off my face, and it was really cold out on the deck. But no. You don’t argue with the big G. So I went to Longs, bought myself some spray adhesive, and then went back to work. By this time I was completely out of it. I sprayed the wrong side of the stencil, but fortunately realized my mistake, and finally sprayed it, all the while nearly dying from the fumes.

Final product.

Final product.

It was a SUCCESS (thank goodness, because if it wasn’t I’d be pulling my hair out right now). It got fuzzy in some parts, but I’m pleased with it.

The stencil post-spraying.

The stencil post-spraying.

So a shout out to the birthday girl and a kick to TOE KNEE. Take that.


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Comment by tony

frickin awesome

now carve THAT onto a pumpkin

Comment by Irene

that looks pretty awesome! :D

Comment by kate f

mmmm.. i love coming here after not visiting for a while.
real busy with applications but after january, im definitely making some you have recipes for on here.

Comment by Julie

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