Chika Chika Chika
Friday 20 February 2009, 4:55 PM
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Take THAT, Jim Lee.
Monday 9 February 2009, 12:26 AM
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Modern Medusa
Sunday 10 August 2008, 4:49 PM
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I’ve always liked Medusa. L to R: original pencils, closeup of pencils, inked. I may continue this theme with other Greek gods and characters. I had to take pictures of the sketch because as TOE TOE so eloquently put it, “Your scanner’s garbage.”

Box Bean Town: I Suck at Markers
Friday 18 July 2008, 9:38 PM
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Family outing at the beach, where the grandparents are supposed to be running through the water (definitely did not do that), son is making a sandcastle, daughter is making the dog listen to a seashell, dad is reading a newspaper, and mom’s applying sunscreen.

One word: SIGH.  T_T

Hitherto – Pens
Friday 29 February 2008, 6:36 AM
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Left to Right:

Wonder Woman 01: This is when I just started to try draw “American” style. There’s a lot of Jim Lee influence as you’ll soon find out. Anyway, I was trying to work fast with just a Sharpie. Not bad.

Wonder Woman 02: More Sharpie studies. And yeah, I think WW should be paired off with Superman, hence the cape.

Random Woman: Another Sharpie/profile sketch.

Rogue 01: This one I do NOT like. You can tell this was the very first time I was working with pens… I’m surprised I haven’t thrown it out. It must be a reminder, haha.

Catwoman: This after I got myself a decent pen set (5 piece set from Copic) and I tried to figure out how to use them effectively with this drawing. Not bad. Took me forever and day.

Poison Ivy: Ah, getting more comfortable with pens! I dished out for the big marker set from Prismacolor (such a huge dent in the wallet) and it was worth it.

Wonder Woman 03: I like this one a lot. I don’t particularly like Wonder Woman the character, but I enjoy drawing her. I think it’s the hair. I do like to draw hair.

Doodles: A test page. The black and white image is my favorite of this page. Wonder Woman was a guinea pig for my markers.

Rogue 02: Ah, looking better than her predecessor…

Couple: Still rough with the stroke marks, but it’s getting there… I like the look of the guy. Everything up to this picture was drawn from about six months to a year ago.

Rogue 03: Start of the most recent batch of pen drawings I’ve done. This was drawn during the week of 24 February and I am VERY pleased with this drawing of Rogue. This pretty much captured how I’ve come to see her – a good natured lady (who suck you dry…).

Wonder Woman 04: Again, the hair… haha. I like the expression I got on her face.

Black Canary: Not as good as my pencil drawing of her, but it is okay for not having any pencil outline to follow. I tried to experiment with gray tones and see what kind of shadows I can produce since we’re always focusing on that in figure drawing class. Eh, not a bad attempt. I’m also trying to work in simple backgrounds to make the image look more ‘complete.’

Gambit: This is after the good Gambit pencil drawing. It started off as a doodle, but then I guess I got into some kind of groove because it ended up looking all right. Still not quiiiiiite what I wanted, but a good enough attempt. I like my little circles in the background – I picked that up from watching Oliver Nome (thank you Mr. Nome)!